Being Discovered
By Marilyn Innerfeld

This is Ted Garcia’s “coming out year.” The Mountain Connection’s Art Cover
Contest is the first contest he has ever submitted work to, and, to his
amazement, he won! In addition, the Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper”
uses his piece, “Firebike,” a motorcycle with the New York skyline behind
it, as the artwork that sits behind the show’s hosts. Now Ted has decided to
share his work with the community by opening his home-based studio and
participating in September’s Evergreen Studio Tour.

Ted has been living in Evergreen for nine years with his artist wife, Lori,
and their two children C.J. and Linzi. He is a graduate of the Colorado
Institute of Art, and has decided that now is the time to become a
“full-time artist.”

“I used to do only pen and ink drawings, mostly commercial line art, as I
was afraid of color,” Ted says. “My whole look changed about four years ago
when I took a class with Don Sahli. He introduced me to oils and taught me
all about color, and this has become my passion.”

Don Sahli is another local artist whose style is Russian impressionist,
which makes great use of color. “I used to create realistic pieces, but with
Don’s influence I have moved into impressionistic work,” adds Ted.
Ted’s specialties include nature and landscapes, musicians, and still lifes.
He has a new series depicting bikes and motorcycles, and a more stylized
look with clowns as his inspiration. All of his works can be viewed on his
web site at

Ted has taught a stylized art class using pastels to local children at the
Evergreen Arts Center. He is considering showing his works publicly at the
upcoming Evergreen Arts Festival in August.

“My goal is to capture the vivid colors of nature, people and the
environment that surrounds us, and to instill upon the viewer an emotional
journey with the use of color to create a reaction.”

Be sure to stop by Ted’s home studio, located on Little Cub Creek Road,
during the Evergreen Studio Tour on September 18 and 19. He will be actively
creating plein air pieces, but don’t be shy... he will enjoy meeting you.