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Strong. Passionate. Vivid. Memorable.
To say the work of Ted Garcia captures these qualities would be to simplify this artist's core gift. Through his bold use of color, texture and uninhibited brushwork, Ted Garcia's printings capture on canvas the beauty and vitality of the passions of our lifes and leave you with the sense of "the moment."


Garcia's style grew out of commercial illustration mixed with a new-found joy for Russian impressionism after studying  with the master Don Sahli, whose artistic roots can be traced back to the great master painter, Sergei Bongart. Garcia is committed to merging these two styles to create the bold and vivid paintings for which he is known.


Garcia finds the greater the passion, the more complex the painting and the greater the opportunity to develop an emotional crescendo. "Our lives are about passion. My work is an attempt to bring the height of our passions into our daily lives and to share it with others. In each piece or collection, I'm attempting to exhort passion from the gazer's stare — to take him on the emotional journey that has crescendoed to the moment captured on canvas."


Garcia lives along with his lovely wife and two wonderful children in Evergreen, Colorado.  Living in the beautiful mountain town, whether painting en plein air and in his stunning studio “makes for a rough choice of what to paint, oh what a dilemma to have as an artist, too much to paint. Painting en plein air is the most rewarding for me. I love being outside, just me, my paint and brushes and the scene in front of me. All the while trying to capture it on canvas before it changes, what a thrill!”


"The project, and Ted’s work, exhibits a quality found in Marc Chagall, the Russian giant. There is a huge, energetic thrust in Ted’s personality and art - similar to the American composer Gottshalk, who once brought in 500 pianos to play simultaneously on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in 1865. He, like Ted, wanted to created a massive artistic statement.


Ted’s work is so strong because it is spontaneous, not given to academic niceties, and he captures the scenes and moods that pass by our eyes each moment of daily life.


This ambitious undertaking will be powerfully received and applauded now, and in November, when the 365 x5 are all unveiled."  - R. Campbell

Ted Garcia

5561 LIttle Cub Creek Road • Evergreen, CO 80439

Office: 303.670.2981 • Cell: 303-885-5112 •