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Join Ted Garcia on his second journey as he paints a Painting a Day for another 365 Days.
Plein air paintings are done outside and are completed in a relatively short time, as the artist works to capture the scene before the light change is significant.


Welcome, my friends, to December's Journey of Plein Air 365.

Wow!  I can't believe it's January 2010.  I hope this year finds your loved ones in excellent health and excitement for the new year!

Well, it's been 365 days in a row.  One full year of continuous painting plein air, and what a wonderful 365 days it has been.  This time last year, I thought  (as many others did) that this was going to be a very arduous, if not, an impossible journey to complete.  But now as I look back, I can't believe that the end of the year is over.  And after painting through blizzards, heat waves, sand and wind storms, and even having the flu, not once but twice, I can truly say that I would love to do it all over!  Even being sick, standing in -2 to 15° F, in February, I felt that the healing process was  enhanced  by being where I wanted to be, and doing what I love, painting outdoors.  Painting daily makes one understand how finite we as people really are.  No two days are the same, even with Colorado's blue skies,  it is never the same blue, the flowers  that here today will be gone the next.  The beautiful green pastures become the golden harvest of fall, and the purity and cleansing that winter brings, completes the cycle of life and death. It is understood that we, as part of this cycle, must all experience it. This makes me constantly keep in mind that life is too short and precious, so enjoy today, as tomorrow may never come. (read complete letter)

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